About SQLSleuth®

SQLSleuth® provides continuous low-impact monitoring of Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

The power of SQLSleuth® lies in the fact that performance measures are captured at the SQL statement level, and only statements that are significant in terms of performance need to be stored in the repository for analysis.

SQLSleuth® takes a results-driven approach to database performance tuning, and is able to show in a single view “which statements to tune, in which order” to achieve the greatest performance improvement across a database server instance.

Using the information stored in the SQLSleuth® repository, time-based analysis can be performed over any interval required, from 1 second to 1 year.

Infinite drill-down provided by the flexible user interface makes root-cause analysis and troubleshooting a breeze.

SQLSleuth® also provides rapid identification of statements at the head of blocking chains and blocking chain participants.

Prior to SQLSleuth®, database tuning was often an expensive and sometimes ineffective exercise. SQLSleuth® has revolutionised the economics of database tuning and allows troublesome statements to be identified in minutes rather that days or weeks. Tuning is now the preferred means of achieving database performance goals in preference to hardware upgrades because of:

Lower Cost – with SQLSleuth® the cost of tuning is often far below the cost of new hardware.
Better Results – effective tuning can provide performance improvements of 1-5 orders of magnitude, which simply cannot be achieved with hardware upgrades.
Faster Results – the pinpoint accuracy in problem identification means that the time taken to detect, fix, test and deploy can be far less than the time it takes to acquire and deploy most hardware upgrades.

If at times you have been at a loss to explain questions like:

“Why was the database server slow at…”

“Why was the CPU consumption in excess of X% on the database server during the execution of…”

“What are the top 10 most resource intensive statements running on the server this month, week, day, hour or minute?”

“What was blocking my process on the database server at…”

then SQLSleuth® is the tool that can help.